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Harry And Liu offers a subscription-based service designed to meet the hr and payroll needs of businesses. with our solution, companies can efficiently manage their hr processes and payroll functions through a comprehensive and user-friendly platform. our subscription model ensures that organizations have ongoing access to our services, allowing them to streamline their hr and payroll operations while focusing on core business activities.

our platform provides comprehensive tools for managing hr processes, including employee onboarding, leave and attendance tracking, performance management, and employee data management.

Simplify and automate payroll processing with our service. our platform handles payroll calculations, tax deductions, direct deposits, and generating pay stubs.

Improved accuracy and efficiency

Automated calculations streamline payroll, minimizing errors and saving time in HR

Time and cost saving

Automation and digitization eliminate manual tasks, reducing administrative workload and
associated costs. Time saved can be allocated to more strategic HR initiatives.

Enhanced compliance

Streamlined solutions keep up with changing labor laws and regulations, ensuring
compliance. This reduces the risk of penalties and legal issues.

Real time analytics and insights

Streamlined solutions provide access to real-time data and analytics, enabling informed
decision-making and strategic workforce planning.

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